Fab Ferments® Kombucha: Naturally Raw & Probiotic

You can now order Kombucha online for pick-up at Hyde Park Farmers Market! Also now available in our Tap Room

Sticking to our mission to preserve traditional food and culture, our Raw Kombucha Tea is NOT dealcoholized or altered in any way!

Federal Law requires a warning statement on any product that may contain more than 0.5% alcohol per volume. Therefore, you must be 21+ to consume and purchase this tonic!

You must be 21 or older to purchase Fab Ferments® Kombucha.

At FAB FERMENTS®, we are dedicated to brewing & preserving the ancient art & culture of RAW Kombucha Tea.

Each batch is gracefully handcrafted using organic teas & flavored with pure fruits, vegetables, herbs & spices.

Our RAW Kombucha Tea is enhanced with healing vibrations from music, art, crystals & LOVE.

FAB FERMENTS® RAW Kombucha Tea is unfiltered, unpasteurized, unheated & unaltered!

Beautifully brewed in small batch glassware. Each bottle is 100% pure bubbly bliss filled of PROBIOTICS, ENZYMES & LIFE!
Experience the culture!!

We are proud to brew authentic, RAW Kombucha Tea using REAL ingredients! NO ARTIFICAL OR NATURAL FLAVORINGS!