Raw Cultured Beet Kvass: Naturally Raw & Probiotic!

Fab Ferments Beet Kvass is USDA Certified Organic

Our LOVE and appreciation for food and culture introduced us to the ultimate nourishing tonic, Beet Kvass. Traditional to Eastern European and Russian cultures, this ruby red tonic is slightly effervescent and pleasantly zingy! Filled with life and love, Beet Kvass is traditionally consumed daily in relatively small amounts.

At Fab Ferments®, each bottle of Beet kvass is handmade and naturally cultured in small batches using ancient preservation techniques. We are dedicated to sourcing only the freshest and RAW ingredients from sustainable farms. Beet Kvass is enhanced with healing vibrations from crystals music, art and LOVE! No heat, pasteurization, vinegar or whey! Gluten Free and Vegan Friendly!

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